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Music Assessment Glossary

Alternative Assessment
Any assessment technique that uses strategies for collecting and analyzing information different from traditional paper-and-pencil tests.

The collection, analysis, interpretation, and application of information about student performance or program effectiveness in making educational decisions.

Authentic Assessment
Assessment techniques that gather information about students' ability to perform tasks that are found in real world situations.

The comparison of student performance against an established standard that provides information as to the student's progress toward attaining the standard.

A description of the standard of performance for a particular task.

Determining the value of a student's performance by referring to criteria that were specified prior to the student's performance of a task.

The collection and use of information to make informed educational decisions.

Formative Assessment
On-going assessment within an educational program whose purpose is to improve the program as it progresses.

The midpoint in a set of scores taken from a large number of representative individuals where 50 percent of the scores are above the norm and 50 percent are below.

T value of a student's performance determined by referring to a norm established by a large number of representative individuals that indicates how a student performed in relation to other individuals previous performance.

Performance Assessment
An assessment technique that determines a student's ability to perform on assigned tasks rather than on the ability to answer questions.

Performance Task
A student demonstration that shows ability to handle complex material in "real-world" situations.

Portfolio Assessment
A collection of student work used to demonstrate student attainment in a content area. Student progress is determined by reviewing the collected works in light of previously established criteria.

Program Assessment
The determination of an educational program's strengths and weaknesses through a well-conceived and implemented plan of data collection and analysis.

The consistency of an assessment instrument to obtain comparable scores across time.

A set of scoring criteria used to determine the value of a student's performance on assigned tasks. The criteria are written so students are able to learn what must be done to improve their performance in the future.

Analyzing and making decisions about one's own performance or abilities.

The content, level, or type of performance expected by students at a particular point in time or stage of development.

Student Assessment
The determination of one or more students' capabilities in a subject matter made from information gathered on meaningful performance tasks that are referenced to well-defined, educationally sound performance criteria.

Summative Assessment
Assessment performed to determine the overall effectiveness of an educational program.

The ability of an assessment instrument to measure what it is supposed to measure. It is also the appropriate use of assessment information and results.

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