Maurice Gusman

  For twenty years, Maurice Gusman was a generous patron of the University of Miami and the recipient of many of its highest honors. Mr. Gusman donated over two and a half million dollars to the University to construct the Maurice Gusman Concert Hall on the Coral Gables Campus. Ruth Stanford, wife of then president of the University Henry King Stanford, played an important role in the origins of the hall. Groundbreaking ceremonies occured in 1973. The hall was inaugurated with a gala concert of music composed by William Lee, then dean of the Phillip and Patricia Fros School of Music.

Gusman Hall was designed by the architecture firm of Morris Lapidus; the acoustics of the sound chamber were designed by reknown acoustician Dr. Cyril M. Harris, professor of electrical engineering and architecture at the University of Columbia. Cyril Harris is well known for the many performance spaces he has designed, including the Krannert Center in Urbana, and many others.

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