Keyboard/MIDI Labs

The Keyboard/MIDI lab in Volpe 107 houses hardware and software for personal productivity, MIDI recording, musical notation, and educational software for learning to play piano, ear training, music theory, and music appreciation. The room contains 13 Pentium class personal computers with CD-ROM drives, sound cards, and MIDI interfaces, each of which is connected via audio and MIDI to a General MIDI digital piano. Each computer is networked to the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music local area network (LAN) which is served by a 333MHz Pentium-class machine running Windows NT Server. The server allows authorized users access to all of the software, to share files with any other computers on the LAN, or by accessing the University LAN, to share files with any other networked machine on campus, or anywhere in the world via the Internet and the World Wide Web. Communication between the workstations, teacher, and students is accomplished through headsets connected to a group lesson controller.


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