The MiLL

The MiLL (Multimedia Instruction and Learning Lab) consists of six Power Macintosh computers (one with video capture capability), four Korg X5 General MIDI keyboard synthesizers, an HP LaserJet 4mv laster printer (capable of printing up to 11x17 documents), and a UMAX color scanner. All of the computers and the laser printer are part of the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music AppleTalk network, connected via ethernet cabling, and have access to the Internet through the University connections. Each computer hosts ear training software, MIDI sequencing and notation software, MIDI programming software, multimedia authoring packages, digital audio and video editing software, desktop publishing software, and HTML authoring packages. The MiLL's primary function is to support ear training and theory classes in the core curriculum, and multimedia authoring classes offered through the MTC department. Other appropriate uses are permitted when machines are available. The lab is housed in the Music Library Listening Room, part of the University of Miami Library system.


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