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Koya, Daisuke (Master's of Science, Music Engineering Technology)


Abstract of Masters Research Project at the University of Miami

Research Project supervised by William Pirkle

Abstract: Previous research has proven that there is no question regarding the audibility of phase distortion in audio signals. The real question then is not the existence, but the significance of the audibility. A carefully designed psychoacoustics experiment is proposed to ascertain the thresholds of phase distortion in audio signals. This research is not meant to be exhaustive by any means, but to ascertain some thresholds based on careful experimental design. The Kwalwasser-Dykema Music Tests format will be used in the implementation of the research with other considerations. These thresholds may be beneficial in the design of audio equipment, especially in the area of transducer and loudspeaker system engineering.

[Title Page][Table of Contents][Introduction]