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The APA Style Sheet was originally developed in MS Word 98 and on more recent versions of MS Word at the University of Miami by Edward P. Asmus, Ph.D.  The most recent version consists of all the basic styles required to produce an APA article according to the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  The style sheet is an MS Word Template that contains initial setup for typing a complete APA Style article.

This template can easily be used for course assignments such as term papers. To make this adaptation, in the opening information dialog box, in the area that requests institutional affiliation simply type in the course number and assignment. For instance, "MED562 Psychology of Music Term Paper". Of course, don't use the quotes.

If you have a problem, please email Ed Asmus at ed.asmus@miami.edu.

Automated Templates

The automated templates provide automatic insertion of paper title, running headings, headings, and author information at startup.  The author information is aligned as designated in the APA Manual with no effort on the part of the user.  Type in the information requested in the dialog box that opens at startup, and the system will make all appropriate insertions and formatting.  Two special toolbars are installed when the template is run:  Formating Toolbar and Table Formatting Toolbar.  These toolbars greatly speed the formatting of APA Style documents.

Current 6th Edition Automated APA Template

The template must be run in MS Word 2010 or later to work correctly. It should run equally well on either a Mac or a PC. Downloading the style sheet as a zip file is the most reliable method as some browsers do not recognize what to do with a .dotm file.

Automated APA Style Sheet Installation Instructions MS Word File (134K)
Automated APA Style Sheet MS Word Template (79K)
Style Sheet if you have download problems Zip File (75K)

Older 4th Edition Automated Templates

Automated APA Style Sheet Installation Instructions MS Word File (41K)
Automated APA Style Sheet for Macintosh MS Word File (113K)
Automated APA Style Sheet for PC MS Word File (112K)

Original Templates
Click on the template file type to download.
APA Style Sheet MS Word File (19K) Stuff It File (5K)
APA Style Sheet Explanation MS Word File (27K) Stuff It File (8K)
APA Style Sheet and Explanation Stuff It File (12K)
See the installation sheet for the version of the Style Sheet you wish to use for easy instructions on how to install.

Problem Found With Some Older Downloads.  If you download using the straight MS Word files, the MS Word file type information is lost.  To correct the problem once the file is on your system, open with Word and Save As... a template file.9